Drink Detective Spiking Detection pack of one

Drink Detective Spiking Detection pack of one


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The Drink Detective. It is a small, discreet, credit card sized test, using patented science. The Drink Detective that can quickly and easily determine whether a drink has been contaminated with drugs.

The Drink Detective test detects the presence of ALL drugs containing amines such as:

  • Ketamine – also known as Special K, K or Ket. The K test can also detect the chemical amines found in most illicit substances such as:
    •Morphine and other illegal drugs
    • Rohypnol & other Benzodiazepines including diazepam such as Valium
    • GHB – gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid

Each Drink Detective pack contains 3 complete test cards, each with 2 test squares; the K+ and benzodiazepines test square, and the GHB test square.

When the supplied swab is dipped in the drink and placed on the test squares, you will get a result within 3 to5 seconds if an illicit drug is present. Examples of a positive test can be found on the back of every test card in the kit.